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RUBICON Featured in EU Commission Newsletter

Posted: Jun 30, 2014

RUBICON was featured in the April-June EU Commission Newsletter. The feature, titled 'Irish team leads robotic ecology project' can be found here.

Full newsletter abstract:

A team of researchers from University College Dublin has successfully led an international European project called RUBICON (Robotic Cognitive UBIquitous Network). RUBICON started in April 2011 and has seen Irish researchers working over the past three years with experts in Cognitive Systems, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Ambient Assisted Living, respectively from Northern Ireland, Sweden, Italy and Spain.  Together, the RUBICON's consortium have exploited the growing potential of those disciplines and brought them right into hospitals and domestic settings, where they have paved the way to a variety of intelligent applications.

Dr. Mauro Dragone from UCD explains "Imagine a house or a hospital with a central artificial brain that all the household appliances and robots are connected to. A RUBICON system has ‘synapses’ mimicking the biological brain that travel across wireless connections, allowing tiny sensor nodes, appliances and robots to share knowledge and help each other to learn more efficiently in their environment. What makes a RUBICON system unique is its ability to learn, by itself, how to adapt to changes in the habits and preferences of its users, without requiring expensive pre-programming and human supervision.   By pioneering the concept of a self-learning, cognitive robotic ecology, and by applying their expertise in Software Engineering, Robotics and Wireless Sensor Network technologies , UCD's researchers have demonstrated how Ireland can be at the forefront of this type of research."