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RUBICON workshop at euRobotics Forum

Posted: Mar 2, 2014

The workshop will run on day DAY 2 – 13.03.2014, and will focus on Trends and issues in the integration between Service Robots and Smart Environments.

Several EU robotic projects in the area of service robots and smart environments will give talks and engage in a round table discussion aimed at defining a concrete agenda of next steps toward a tighter integration, at the European level, of research in service robots and smart environments.

The intended outcomes of this workshop are to (i) provide a review of lessons learned, trends and issues from current and past EU projects in the integration of service robots and smart environments, (ii) identify promising integration approaches, (iii) propose novel research directions, and (iv) ultimately set the stage for the generation of a common road-map on this theme, with particular emphasis on the Horizon2020. A concrete strategic agenda will be produced at the workshop in this direction, together with concrete plans, such as: the creation of web-based collaboration tools and contents, actions to promote research-industry collaborations, provision of strategic input to the EC, organization of next meetings, etc.

Agenda link here. The link to the forum.